Galaxia’s History

At the beginning of the 2016 season, we started our journey with about 20 students who were determined to bring STEAM and FIRST to our city – Haifa. We were the only FIRST team in the city.

Our rookie year was an amazing experience. As a rookie group, we had to learn everything from the beginning. From building the robot to finding sponsors, we had to do everything alone. Within a year we made a huge leap forward: from the fact that we didn’t even know how to hold a drill, we learned how to use a CNC machine alone.

As a team we have been able to develop plans and days to expand the community, and create important connections that accompany us to this day. With the influence we started, and the vision we presented, we received the Regional Rookie All Star Award and then the Championship Rookie Award to mark an amazing moment in the history of the team. In the 2017 season, we already knew what to do in the season and how to plan everything. This time, we were much more prepared. This time we had sponsors, and also a community that supported us. That's what we worked for all year long – creating a Galaxia family. Thanks to all the hard work and the determination to become a professional team – not just an amateur team – we received the Gracious Professionalism Award in the 1st District , and in the 2nd District we received the Safety Award and the Engineering Inspiration Award.

This year, we already knew exactly what to do and drew conclusions from mistakes from previous years. The season was amazing. All work teams worked from morning to night every day. The season is the most stressful period of the year, and yet the most fun. Every day everyone went home exhausted and yet overjoyed.

And last year, thanks to our hard work, the great help we received from various people such as sponsors and mentors, and especially the desire to constantly improve and succeed, we believe we have succeeded in building a robot of a good level that will hopefully bring us to high places.

Team Name  

The name of the team consists of three parts: Galaxia 5987 in memory of David  Zohar.
5987: This is the serial number that the team received when it was registered as an FRC team. This number is of no importance other than the group's marking and  differentiation from other groups.

Galaxia: The backstory of the name “Galaxia” is actually quite interesting.

 In the rookie year of the team, in 2015, after receiving our serial number, the team had to choose a name in order to register to the FIRST website. Since the name would become permanent, the decision making needed to be thought out and taken seriously. The team worked on finding a name for a long time, but none of the names seemed unique and special. So the team members started a game where they would look for the number 5987 in different places. One of the team members found a galaxy whose number was 5987. And thus, the name Galaxia became ours.

Vision and objective

We as a team aspire to infuse technological excellence with social work.

we, GALAXIA #5987 in memory of David Zohar find it very important to show that we have no specific social objective. One of our sayings is there is no finish line, we just love running. Nevertheless we have a motive: creating a cultured change, and turning our society into one based on First values, science and technology.
in the technical aspect, we set ourselves a very clear goal: first in 3 years, to build a robot that does the game missions.
the year isn't over, and as seen in the book, and our robot, we have definitely made a major advancement in each of them.
Already last year, we have set ourselves “ten commandments” by which we work, no meaning to the order and they are all founding stones to our team:

  • work for the personal empowerment of team members.

  • remember, the important things are: having fun, the process and the experience.

  • earn and develop a “tool box” of many skills, like innovative thinking, solving technical problems, initiative and interpersonal.

  • insist that planning and implementation will be done by the students.

  • keep transparency sharing.

  • aspire towards excellence and proffessionalism as a state of mind

  • create connections between people with STEAM

  • be a center of scientifical and technological influence that promotes social objectives.

  • create in the team a feeling of relevence and integration.

  • create for the team continuity and a legecy.

  • and the 11th commandment – build a winning robot.

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