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 Who Are We?

Team Galaxia #5987 in memory of David Zohar is an FRC team, founded in 2015 by a mentor named Uzi Rosen.

This is our 9th year of operation in our workshop at the Hebrew Reali School, the “Beit
Biram” branch.

The team now consists of 34 10th-12th graders who live and breathe robotics on a daily basis.

The team consists of five sub-teams, and students are classified into them according to their preference.

Each year the team designs and builds a robot in the season according to the mission that they receive from FIRST and then compete with the robot in various competitions in Israel and around the world.

Over the last four years, emphasis has been placed on Galaxia's contribution to society and community work through science and technology.

Each member of the team volunteers during the year in various activities and projects that you can hear about later in the book.

Team Name  

The team's name - Galaxia 5987 in memory of David Zohar, consists of three parts:

The first part, Galaxia, has a quite interesting backstory: at the beginning of our rookie year, after we received our serial number, the team had to choose a name to register. The team worked on finding a name for a long time, but none of the suggestions sounded unique or special. And so, a game began: each member had to look for the number 5987 in different places. One member found a galaxy whose number was 5987, and the name Galaxia, galaxy in Hebrew, was chosen.

The second part, 5987, is the team's serial number.

The third part, in memory of David Zohar,  commemorates David, a fallen pilot in the Isreali airforce and a graduate of our school.  You can read all about him on the dedicated page under the "about" section.

Vision and Objective

As a team we strive to combine technological excellence with social action. For us at Galaxia #5987 in memory of David Zohar, it is very important to convey that we do not have a specific goal for our community– one of our sayings is that there is no finish line, we just enjoy running. Despite that, we do have a motive for our outreach: to create a society based on FIRST values , that appreciates science and technology.

Our technical goal, is very clear: to build a robot that performs the tasks
of the game the best way possible.

In the first year we set ourselves the ten commandments according to
which we operate, there is no meaning to the order and all of them are the
cornerstones for our team:
• To act for the personal empowerment of each team member

• To remember that what matters is having fun, learning from the process, and cherishing experience

• To develop and acquire a "toolbox" of skills for innovative thinking,
   solving technical problems, and for entrepreneurship.

• Make sure that the planning and implementation is done by the students

• Maintain transparency and sharing.
• Strive for excellence and professionalism as a state of mind
• Connect people through STEAM

• Become a scientific and technological center of influence that promotes social goals

• To create a sense of cohesion and belonging in the team.
• To create a continuity and heritage of the team.


And the 11th Commandment - to build a winning robot.

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