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The FIRST Game

FIRST INFINITE RECHARGE is 2020's FIRST Robotics Competition game. The game is played by two alliances, three teams each, the teams start at the initiation lines, located at the opposite ends of the arena. each robot is pre-loaded with 3 balls (also known as power cells). The game has 3 stages (the first 15 seconds of the game are autonomous). During the first stage of the game, each alliance has to score 9 power cells to progress to the second stage of the game, in the second stage each alliance needs to score 20 power cells and rotate the team's color wheel, during the 3rd, and final stage each alliance scores 20 power cells and position the color wheel to a chosen color. In the last 30 seconds of the game, both alliances can hang on the switch and get additional points if the alliance's switch is leveled. 

The Year for Us​

2020 was our 5th year of operation and like every year we aimed to create a better robot and improve every aspect of the team. And we are proud to say our robot this year was the most complex, efficient, and precise robot we've ever built. We competed in ISR district #2 and ranked 4th place out of 32 teams, we also won the judges award at the same competition.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 spread globally and caused the FRC season to end after only two weeks.

but even then we continued working and didn't let the Coronavirus pandemic stop us from helping where ever we can. We worked along with the Technion and Rambam to create the Co-robot project, a robot that hands, food, water and, even lets a doctor talk with the patients without the doctor entering the contaminated area of the hospital and risk them being infected by a patient.


district #2 - judges award

2020's Robot - Asteria

Qualification Rank

ISR district #2 - Rank 4

ISR total - 23rd place

Yearly Recap

Entire robot.jpg

Robot Reveal

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