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The FIRST Game

FIRST Deep space is the 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition game. In the game there are two alliances with three teams each, The game is won by the team with the most points by the end of the game, points are acquired by placing hatches and cargo on the 'Rocket' and the 'Cargo Ship' which give you two points per hatch and three points per cargo, you can also get points in the 'End Game' period of the game (which is the last 30 seconds of a game) by climbing on three hub levels. the first hub level gives you three points per climb, the second HAB climb gives you six points per climb and the third HAB climb gives you twelve points per climb.

The Year for Us

2019 was a very challenging year for us. The founders of the team have finished their journey with us, and we had to learn how to keep the team running without them. The preparation season was tough and full of new challenges. We reached the competitions with a built robot and a lot of ambition!

In the 1st District Event we got the Creativity award sponsored by Xerox, and in the 4th District Event we got the Autonomous Award sponsored by Ford, and won the competition!

Thanks to the world championship Engineering Inspiration award from 2018, we flew to Detroit and had a blast!

The year was a real challenge, but we got through it and managed to have fun as well!


ISR District #1- Creativity Award

ISR District #4- District event winner and Autonomous Award


2019's Robot - Genesis

Artboard 1.png
Qualification Rank

ISR District #1- Rank 14

ISR District #4- Rank 22

ISR District championship- Rank 41

Curie Division- Rank 52

* The original CAD model was deleted during a ransomware attack, because of this model may not be final or accurate. 

Chairman's video


Robot Reveal

Yearly Fair Recap

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