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The FIRST Game

FIRST Steamworks is a FIRST Robotics Competition game where there are 2 alliances with 3 teams (robots) each and the team with the most point wins. Points are acquired by preparing an airship for flight which is done by collecting fuel to build steam pressure which awards 1-3 points per 3 fuel balls and installing gears to engage rotors which results in 60 points per rotor spinning, at the end of the game the robots climb aboard for an additional 50 points.

The Year for Us​

2017 was the team's second year and the team grew larger and more professional than our rookie year, and with it our goals and aspirations also grew.

We decided to be more professional and plan a preparation season for our new members in order to improve before the season.

We aimed to high and our goals were unreachable. Yes, we did do better than last year, and following our inability to reach our goals, we evaluated our year and drew conclusions in order to improve for the next season.


ISR District #2- Pit Safety Award and Gracious Professionalism Award

ISR District #4- Safety Award and District Engineering Inspiration Award

2017's Robot - Dark Matter

Qualification rank

Robot Reveal

Chairman's Video

Yearly Recap

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