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in memory of David Zohar

"One of us is a lone star,
but together we are a galaxy"

2022 Blog

This year we have decided to join the Open Alliance- a forum in which teams around the world can share their work and progression during the build season. We joined the Open Alliance in order to help other teams by sharing our progress and insights throughout the build season and to better document our work in general.

Who are we


About Us

We are team Galaxia 5987, a robotics team formed by high school students in the Reali Hebrew school of Haifa who believe in making the world a better place through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), by turning our community into scientists, engineers, leaders, and innovators. We believe that no matter where they're from, or what their abilities are, anyone can be a great scientist, leader, and innovator.


David Zohar

On August 7, 2017, David Zohar, who was an Apache pilot in the air force, rescued an intern pilot who had flown with him during a system failure, but during the accident he also lost his life. David was a lot more than just a pilot, he was a vice president of Elbit Systems, a graduate of our school, a mentor of one of our FLL teams, and he had a huge part in integrating technology in our society. His values reflected the ones that Galaxia believes in.

How it works


Each year we design 3D models of our robots,

write books about our outreach, robots and team.

the team

Each year our team changes, expands and reaches out to more communities.


As an FRC team, one of our duties is to spread STEM and FIRST across Israel and the world.

contact us

If you wish to contact us send us a message and we'll reply as soon as we can.

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